Quick and Easy Room Decor DIYs for this Spring

With all the boring weather gone, it's that time of the year when birds chirp, flowers blossom, and the sun shines. With all the colourful surroundings going out, why not inculcate them inside your home in easy and affordable ways. Yes, room decors! Room decors are one of our personal favourites! They make your space lively with mere simple elements.

Funky, playful and easy on your pockets, we've brought before you some quirky DIYs that can spruce up your house in minutes! If you want to know how to decorate your room with these cute accent spring items, keep on reading!

1. The glittery vase!

Let your room blossom with this sparkly beautiful flower vase.

For this DIY you will need :

1. Glass Vase

2. Glue

3. Glitter

4. Paper Flowers

Method :

Begin by keeping the glass vase flat on a cloth, start at the base and work up the sections by applying glue around the vase base. Don't forget to apply the glue evenly throughout Now comes the best part, sprinkling glitter! Select a colour of your choice, and sprinkle the glitter generously on the lower half of the lamp. Dust off the excess and let it sit for a day to dry off and become steady. Place your flowers in it and voila, your own customised vase is ready!

2. The door charm

Welcome everyone with this amazing colourful wreath speaking spring, that is very easy to make and hardly needs any extra item!

For this DIY you will need :

1. Colourful flowers

2. Glue

3. Ribbon

4. Wreath

Method :

Begin with preparing the wreath. Gather a bundle of long grass. If the grass is too dry to shape into a circle wet it down before shaping it and binding it with fishing line, twine or floral wire. Bind small bunches of twigs together using floral wire.

Once your wreath is ready, tie a ribbon around your wreath to fix it in such a way that it can be placed easily on the door. Now, start off by covering the wreath with flowers. Make sure you have a multicoloured bunch of them. Now once you have decided where to place them, start gluing and fixing them. Once completed, you'll have a colourful ring with flowers over it. You can always customise the colours of the flowers as per your style! Hang it on your door and you'll get a compliment everytime someone walks through in!

3. The Flowery Wall :

How cute would it be to have little flowers hanging all around the wall of your room, ha?

For this DIY you will need :

1. A cord of your choice

2. Some origami sheet

3. Scissors

4. Glue

Method :

Start by making the flowers' silhouettes of your choice. Take your origami paper and begin folding it. Once done, tie a thread at the center as shown in the picture below. Cut off the edges and proceed ahead as mentioned in the guide below to create your paper flowers.

Once your flowers are ready, take the cord and put it across any wall of your room the way you wish to decorate. Stick your flowers on the cord with the help of a double sided tape or pins. Feel free to change the placement of flowers until you get your desired design. Finally, secure them with little pins or tape and you're done.

This kind of DIY is perfect when you have any empty wall in your room. You can either keep all the flowers coloured in one single shade, or multicoloured, accordingly!

4. Cutesy Light Jar

This spring, what's better than having a corner full of bright and colourful mason jars. Easily customisable and decorated, these are the most pocket friendly of the list.

For this DIY you will need :

1. Crochet Doily

2. Balloon

3. Glue

4. Candle


Begin with blowing up the balloon up to a desired shape in which you want your lamp to be. Next, start sticking the crochet doily on the lower half of the balloon with your glue in such a way that there are no unseen spaces left. Continue tell you see a beautiful pattern on the lower half of the same. Once you are done, let the balloon sit in an open place for about a day or two and let it dry completely. Next, burst the balloon with a pin and take it out carefully. You'll be left with a beautiful lamp made of crochet doily with you. Light up a candle and place it inside the lamp. Now you can decorate your lamp as you want with stones or flowers. These lamps are so easy to make and super cute! A pretty and inexpensive home decor, isn't it?

5. The Beautiful Spring Ball

How cute is it to have a ball blooming with flowers in your room as a decoration piece, right?

For this DIY you will need :

1. Origami paper

2. All pins

3. Sponge ball

4. Scissor


Start with cutting out flowers according to your shape and pattern. After you have a good amount of flowers with you take your sponge ball and start placing the flowers with all pins on the centre.

Cover the entire ball with the flowers. Make sure there are no empty spaces left on the ball. Once you're done you'll have an eye catching center piece ball full of flowers as a decoration for your vanity or drawing room. Pretty isn't it?

Say hello to spring with these cute and funky DIY options to decorate your home. Easy on the pocket and yet very beautiful!

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