Get Street Smart and Ready!

The fashion world has always been a fearless space where creative minds have taken control to start a new movement through fashion. This year it was not only the classic luxury brands who stole the spotlight through their bold and experimental Streetwear but also young budding designers who were enjoying the same. Streetwear fashion has taken a detour from the normal towards being more experimental but not to forget being useful at the same time.

We'll have a look at this year's Men and Women Streetwear fashion trends Spring/Summer 2017.

1. Athleisure

Be it in Men's fashion or Women's fashion, Athleisure is one trend that is hot this season on the streets, especially the oversized garments. This 90's trend is on a roll and fashion enthusiasts are taking it a notch above by mixing it with luxe fashion.

2. Fasten Your Belts

Believe it or not but now your shoelace can double up as your waist belt, from runway to the streets this tiny trend can be seen everywhere. You can choose a funky printed one go with a plain neutral colour.

3. Layers

When you can't get enough with one just layer it up. Layering trend is still going strong in this season. And it is not just restricted with jackets but also tops and dresses.

4. Patches And Badges

Emerged from a sub-culture this trend has made it's comeback and that too with a bang. It has become a sensation across countries. If you can't buy one then you can always make one, because these are so easy DIYs that make any garment come to life.

5. Frayed Hems

Somethings are best left untouched and here we can say the same for hems. Jeans with frayed hems are the new breed in the jeans' fraternity. They give a subtle unruly look perfect for carefree streetwear.

Glitstreet Editorial

In-house Editor