Embrace Colour Of The Year- Ultra Violet

Ultraviolet has been announced as the colour of the year 2018 by colour company, Pantone. The vivid bluish-purple hue stands for visionary thinking, originality and ingenuity and what could be a better way to embrace this trend than to shake up your own wardrobes.

Incidentally, navigating a new trend sounds tricky considering it may end up in a faux pas. But then, the philosophy of sticking to your guns also means staying in your comfort zone and never meeting the world (or trends) beyond. It's time turn over a new leaf, or more so a new colour and incorporate this rich hue into your style. Here are a few style inspirations for you to try.

Start small

A subtle way to hop on this colour trend is to try violet patterns and prints combined with complementary shades. Try it with colours such as pink, dark green and chrome (deep yellow).

Printed hot pants or striped pants paired with solid t-shirts worn casually are a good start.

Another easy choice is to use the colour as an accent. Go for violet accessories such as earrings, clutches or shoes.

Subtle Solids

Kangana Ranaut approached this colour with a solid fitted dress paired with a pastel overcoat and a handbag as she landed at the Mumbai Airport. The overall look was very formal and can easily be replicated for a lunch meeting.

Combining solids is a great prospect as the contrasting shade can highlight or tone down this vibrant hue depending on the preference according to the time of the day and appropriateness of the occasion. Ultraviolet also looks great with its lighter shades such as lavender or lilac.

Very Violet

For a bold style statement, try a purple-hued trench coat or a pair of over-the-knee boots that are a favourite this year. Do keep in mind to chose other items of your look that are pared-down. One can also pair violet-tinted sunglasses with a casual tee for a beach vacation or a casual day out for street shopping.

To avoid looking too matchy, opt for muted shades like grey and navy blue for other items. An all-violet look can also be broken down with hints of other colours such as orange or red.

Ethnic regalia

Our homegrown designers never fall behind on global trends and violet is a very obvious choice for many when it comes to Indian silhouettes. Be it Payal Khandwala's brocade jacket which was paired with a white shirt and jeans combination by blogger Sheeren or Gaurang Shah's experiments with tie and dye; the shade makes any piece of clothing royal.

Silk sarees in violet are an ode to the ancient times when it was a sign of royalty. You can also pair a solid lehenga-choli with a checkered or a brocade dupatta for weddings. To finish the look, wear emerald or antique silver jewellery as they bestow a luxurious touch to the vibrant colour.

All in all, there's no end to the inspiration when it comes to wearing this colour. At first, the electric shade may feel a bit intimidating to wear in everyday life, but working it into your wardrobe is easier than it seems if you get adept at the art of balance. Add accessories, go all the way or style it down with lighter shades and you will soon find yourself opening up to a world of opportunities and becoming a style maven among your peers.

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