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Priti Sahni
Ethnic  Womenswear 

  Meet the designer

The label Pret’i by Priti Sahni exudes a vision that focuses on a bigger picture and is not a mere slave of the latest fad or trend. It derives inspiration from the environs and weaves it magically into the whole process, making each garment an experience to cherish. It boasts a stunning blend of western and traditional elements, with the emphasis on interesting play of colors, innovative surface detailing and undoubtedly good craftsmanship. Thus effortlessly giving every garment a distinct appeal for women who like luxury, style and elegance.

About the designer :

The designer, Priti Kamath Sahni, is a graduate from prestigious National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad (India). The passion of designing has made her take quite a few interesting turns in life, otherwise, how else you will justify a sharp career move of switching to designing after graduating with Computer Engineering degree and short but successful banking career!

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